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purplefluffycat [userpic]
Fic: 'Friends Forever', Sybill Trelawney/Alecto Carrow, R
by purplefluffycat (purplefluffycat)
at February 5th, 2014 (02:01 pm)

Title: Friends Forever
Author: purplefluffycat
Characters/Pairings: Sybill Trelawney/Alecto Carrow
Rating: R
Warnings: Brief threat of violence
Word Count: About 3000
Summary/Description: Bad relationships don't necessarily start out that way.

Author's Notes: An unlikely pairing, generated by daily_deviant's 'alternate pairing' challenge. (the mods' wobbly smiley says it all: "o_O") - but the more I thought about these two, the more that a history between them made some sense. I hope you like what I've come up with, here.

Friends ForeverCollapse )

purplefluffycat [userpic]
Fic: 'His, To Reason Why', Apollyon, Arabella/Fabian/Gideon, Bellaxtrix/Voldemort, Remus/Sirius, etc
by purplefluffycat (purplefluffycat)
at February 4th, 2014 (08:09 pm)

Title: His, To Reason Why
Author: purplefluffycat
Characters/Pairings: Apollyon Pringle, Arabella Figg/Gideon Prewett/Fabian Prewett, Bellatrix Lestrange/Lord Voldemort, Dolores Umbridge/Lucius Malfoy (unrequited), Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, Argus Filch
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Padlocks
Other Warnings: Chastity devices, incest between brothers, masturbation, mild BDSM
Word Count: About 2600

Summary/Description: Apollyon gave the address differently, depending on who was asking. He had two different business cards – one bold, loud and innocent, and the other understated in neat, black script – and two different front doors. Upon both, however, were the same simple words: Apollyon Pringle. Locksmith.

Author's Notes: This was written for daily_deviant's theme, 'Padlocks'. Initially, I thought of a number of ways this could go; luckily Apollyon let me have a go at including several of them! Quite a lot of thinkerty-thoughts to go with the erotica, this time.

His, To Reason WhyCollapse )

Fairy [userpic]
HP Prisoner Fest 2013!
by Fairy (scarletladyy)
at March 5th, 2013 (09:09 pm)

hp_prisonerfest hp_prisonerfest hp_prisonerfest

hp_prisonerfest an anonymous exchange fest for authors and artists to write/draw about HP characters in a prisoner style situation. So it could be Draco Malfoy taking Hermione Granger hostage in the cellars of Malfoy Manor, Sirius Black keeping Dolores Umbridge locked up his office, or you could be even more creative and have people locked away in their minds.

Sign-Ups are now open for our fourth round! :D

Het, slash, femmeslash and gen are all welcome, and sign-ups are open until the 25th March.

Rules & Timeline // Sign-Up!

Come fly the flag for the minor characters! Hope to see you there :)

Leigh [userpic]
Signs ups are OPEN!
by Leigh (leigh_adams)
at August 25th, 2011 (03:55 pm)

Sign ups for the 2011 round of interhouse_fest are now OPEN! We've got a ton of great rarepair prompts for your perusal, and we'd love to have more picked! Click on the banner to join in the fun!

Always distant. Always silent. [userpic]
mix: Narcissa Black
by Always distant. Always silent. (themirrorofsin)
at July 9th, 2011 (07:49 pm)

Medium: Film/Books
Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: Narcissa Black
Title: I'm In Here
Notes: Small mix on young!Narcissa (late teens - mid 20s). Music like: Sia, Evanescence, Hole and Basia Bulat.

I'm In Here @absinthe_fey 

Eva [userpic]
Fic: Portrait of a Wedding on Parchment
by Eva (mercury_rose)
at June 24th, 2011 (11:04 pm)

Title: Portrait of a Wedding on Parchment
Author: mercury_rose 
Rating: PG
Lead Character(s): Narcissa Black
Summary: Narcissa had planned her wedding on a piece of parchment one warm summer's day when she was nine. Ten years later, the night before her marriage, she revisits her hopes and fears. 
Warnings (if applicable): None


Always distant. Always silent. [userpic]
Luna mix - Innocent Eyes
by Always distant. Always silent. (themirrorofsin)
at April 17th, 2011 (09:40 pm)

Medium: Film/Books
Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: Luna Lovegood
Title: Innocent Eyes
Notes: 11 tracks with music like Florence + the Machine, Marina & The Diamonds, Sia and Ellie Goulding. Focuses mainly on Luna's isolation/her feelings during the war etc.
*this will be public for a week then closed for members only*

Innocent Eyes @absinthe_fey 

Leigh [userpic]
Humpfest 2011
by Leigh (leigh_adams)
at April 12th, 2011 (06:34 pm)

Sign ups close TOMORROW!

Sign ups are officially open!!
Humpfest FAQ’sTimeline & Rules

Leigh [userpic]
Humpfest 2011
by Leigh (leigh_adams)
at April 8th, 2011 (11:55 pm)

Calling all rare pair fans!

hp_humpdrabbles presents the 2011 Harry Potter Humpfest
where every roll of the dice is lucky

Fairy [userpic]
Fic: Mistaken Identity [Fred/Pansy, George/Pansy]
by Fairy (scarletladyy)
at January 14th, 2011 (12:46 am)

Title: Mistaken Identity
Author: scarletladyy
Pairings: Fred/Pansy, George/Pansy
Word Count: 1,578
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual situations, infidelity, AU [Fred's alive]
Summary It's the annual Halloween ball, and Pansy thinks Fred needs a little reminding of exactly why he likes her.
Author's Notes: Written for samhain_smut 2010. Thank you to my beta chemical_haven.

( Mistaken Identity )

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